Exactly how much money do you need to start selling on Amazon FBA?

You’ll hear 100 different things from 100 different people when it comes to how much money or capital you need to start your Amazon FBA business. I break it down for you line by line. You’ll see exactly how much cash is required at the bare minimum to even consider making the move with Amazon FBA. If you have a different experience or opinion, please share it with us in the comment section.


Why I left my mid-six figure income job for Amazon FBA

My name is Jay and I’m a six-figure Amazon FBA seller. The reason behind starting this blog is to help you embark on the same journey that I’m on right now; it’s a very successful one, there’s a lot of things to know and there’s a lot of patience required. The main goal for these articles is really to help you succeed by answering questions that you have which in turn will help you grow your Amazon private-label FBA business. Today is about sharing a personal story with you about why I left my six-figure per year job to move over to Amazon FBA. Read More